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President Speaks


A School is a building surrounded by the four walls with the future inside.”

Lon Watters

It’s a social institution that reflects the standard of the society. Therefore good schools are needed for good society to recognize and utilize its hidden talents for the fullest possible upliftment and progress. A school plays a greater role in changing the society and its people in the sphere of academic, social economic, mental, moral and Physical development. Above all it always keeps its door open for all irrespective of caste and creed, colour and community, high and low, rich and poor. Hence it may be termed as pious and sacred social institution.

One step ahead, it ignites the young mind and mold’s the pupils to good citizen as wll as the good leaders of the nation.

Shri Veer Siksha Samiti was established Jain Central School

in year 1987 by the contemporaneous chairman Lt. shri Nirmal Kumar Jain, senior Advocate and Secretary Shri Ravindra Malav Advocate and all the trustees and working the contribution of these legendry people Lt Shri Bolenath Jain, Lt Prof. Amar Chandra Jain . Lt Shri Manik Chandra Jain Senior Advocate and Shri Bal Chandra Jain. I Congratulate to Shri Mukesh Jain Secretary Shri Veer Shiksha Samiti. , School convenor Shri Ramesh Chandra Jain, Special contribution Smt. Sunita Jain, Principal and all staff and the Editorial Board on its tireless efforts in bringing out this publication. I also extend my thanks to the persons who have contributed to this issue and enhanced it s perfection and beautification through their article, short stories, Poems ,jokes ,comics etc.

Individually and collectively let’s work to serve the cause of education, for the betterment of the coming generation so that they live in a world where ” knowledge is free and the head is held high”. Where “ the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls” and “ the clear stream of reasoning has not lost its way” . Let our boys and girls grows as world as world class citizen a generation of eminent thinker and wise planner contributing to a better world order. That exactly is our wish and our dream.

Mr. Rajendra Jain Advocate

Shri Veer Siksha Samiti